Hi All!

I'm new to QC administration (and to the forum!), customizing an already (heavily) customized project.

We've recently migrated from TD8.0 To QC9.0, and I'd like to know if anyone else has encountered some of what we're going through (these all have workarounds, which I am using, nevertheless):

1. It seems as if in TD, the workflow script could set a new value to a Defect field even when the User did not have permissions to do so?

2. When a user applies a filter to the Defects list, and edits one of the Defects in such a way that it no longer complies with the filter conditions, the list does not update until the "Refresh" button is clicked.
However, explicitly calling the refresh action from the workflow script results in data of the edited Defect overwriting the data of the Defect one line beneath it! (We only realized what was happening because Defects were disappearing from view in pairs after the refresh action).

3. A big advantage of storing project repository on the file system was that I knew where to find the workflow script files. Now we're working with project repository stored in DB (aware of the performance issues), and I am at loss to find a way to access them from outside of QC.

4. Our project includes many attachments (total size of over 6GB). As part of the "migration tool" process, the TD repository is compressed into several ".zip" files and stored locally on the old server file system, then the ".zip" files are copied and extracted on the new server. The algorithm which divides the repository normally creates ".zip" files of the same size (more or less), however it fails if the repository is larger than a certain size (creating a very large corrupted ".zip" file).

5. Attempting to create a project by "copying data from an existing project" only succeeds if you choose to "Select All" Modules ("partial" copy attempts always produce an SQL exception)