This SQL will select users of QATester group. The code displays the user names in the msgbox for testing. I can't get the names into the 'Assigned To' drop-down list. Anyone have an idea?

SQLString = "SELECT * FROM USERS Where US_GROUP='01000'"

TDCommand.CommandText = SQLString
Set TDRecSet = TDCommand.Execute

RecCnt = TDRecSet.RecordCount

For UserIndex = 1 To RecCnt
UserName = TDRecSet.FieldValue(0)
MsgBox UserName, , "UserName"

'***This Does Not Work***********************
'Bug_Fields("BG_RESPONSIBLE").List = UserName
'Bug_Fields("BG_USER_01").List = UserName


I think its not possible to change the 'Assigned To' list so i thought to create a user list for my own drop-down but how would i get the names returned by the SQL into the user list?

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