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    Quality Centre Dashboard issues - missing a patch?

    Hey peeps,

    I'm just venturing out into the world of the Quality Centre Dashboard and noticed that it could be very easy to use, but that there are some issues which I am hoping can be solved.

    KPI’s take ages before you can actually use them in portlets
    After creating a KPI, I want to create a portlet using that KPI as datasource. My first actual results in the portlet would only come after a long while (until then it just states "no results found"). I did run the connectors.html site and activated the KPI recalculation. I do not have the feeling though that this speeds up the process of showing the first version of a portlet.

    Can I speed up the process of KPI introduction so I can quickly check if my KPI / portlet combination works , or that I did something wrong (now I have to wait for 30 minutes before it is plausible that I have made a mistake in the KPI and/or portlet)

    Altering portlet requires them to be added to the page again
    After getting the initial portlet to work, I wanted to add a column to the list portlet. When configuring a portlet you can use preview to see what the effects of your changes are. When using the preview, I see the list as I would expect it. When I save the changes and view the page on which the portlet is used, I do not see any changes in it.

    While leaving the first version of the portlet untouched (Meaning I do not delete it from the page), I simply add a duplicate of the portlet definition. This duplicate does show up correctly. This means that I now have two identically portlets inside one single page. One representing the portlet as I originally created it, and one after I altered it

    Renaming a subject shows it as a new subject
    After creating a KPI and giving it an implementation, I add another subject to the KPI. After updating the KPIs and waiting some time, I find the new subjects inside the list portlet as expected. If I rename a new subject before adding it to the KPI, the portlet also returns the renamed subject as it is supposed to do. However… When I rename a subject, the portlet will show both the original subject name , as well as the new subject name.

    Removing a subject does not remove it from a portlet
    When I delete a subject (from the subject menu or from an implementation) from a KPI, the subject will still be shown in the portlet which uses that KPI. Even when defining a new portlet with the changed KPI, it will still show the deleted subjects (the same goes with renamed subjects as described above).

    Removing a subject and adding it again will give duplicate entries which are impossible to separate
    If I add a subject, remove it and add it again, the portlets using the subjects will have two identically named subjects which are both handled separately. Sorting on subject will NOT sum up the two subjects, although their names are the same.

    Conclusion so far
    For as far as I can see, these issues will block the usage of the dashboard completely: the expected flexibility turns out to be a bit disappointing since you have to define subjects, KPIs and portlets all “first time right” when implementing. Changing anything afterwards will cause a lot of rework: all of the updates have to be done manually.

    I am hoping that I am running an old version of the Dashboard or that I am missing out on a very important detail, otherwise I’m starting to think that it is better to just directly query the SQL database for information.

    My question
    My question to you all is: am I missing something here? Maybe a patch, or some configuration mismatch? Is there a simple way to force the Dashboard to delete all of the “old” data and refresh it from scratch, instead of having to manually recreate all of the KPIs/Subjects/Portlets? I am currently running:

    Mercury Dashboard 9.0
    Dashboard build 158 (Mar 9, 2006).
    Dashboard Foundation build 3.1/31021.

    Copyright © 1993-2005 Mercury Interactive.

    Since the HP support is downright poorly organized, I cannot find anything about patches and how I can find which patch is installed. I was hoping you could help me out here’

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Quality Centre Dashboard issues - missing a patch?

    Hi FraXTC

    I am experiencing similar problems, certainly around deleting\amending subjects. My data updates seem to be a law unto themselves and run when they feel like it.

    I was advised by Mercury to install Patch 13 to rectify these problems and I am waiting for our Tech guys to do this.

    No idea how you identify if patch has been applied from the User end, but for info, my build data reads:

    Mercury Dashboard 9.0
    Dashboard build 30 (07-Nov-2006).
    Dashboard Foundation build 3.1/31037

    Good luck



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