Occassionally, I will update mass records via SQL instead of the QC Interface when large amounts of data requires update without need of history logging.
I recently ran into an issue where when attempting to update issues - I received the following error in SQL: Invalid object name 'BUG_MULTIVALUE'.

As it turns out, the reason for this appears to be that I modified a Defect Project Entity - User Field to a Multi-Select List. It was previously a standard single select list but wanted to try the multi-select functionality. In any case, I set it back to non-multi-select and the update ran as expected.

The update that failed may be as simple as:
update td.bug set bg_status = 'Closed' where bg_bug_id = 1

I have since put the field back to multi-select. Is there a way to update my SQL to account for this so that it will not fail?