In my company we have 2 different approaches to the way that we use Test Lab:

One approach is that a new test lab is created for each cycle of testing on a version of our software. The problem here is that when tests are being run and there is a need to see history, testers can only see history of the test run for that particular test lab and not across all runs. But this approach allows us use of the Release Cycle management features in Quality Center.

The other approach is to have one test lab folder broken down by functional areas and the same test lab gets used for each of our releases. Tests here are managed by resetting the test cases needed for a release cycle. The problem with this approach is that it doesn't fit with the Release Cycle management functionality and doesn't work when working on multiple releases simultaneously. But it allows view of all past history of those test runs.

Does anyone know a good place to see any best practices for setting up test labs and how to use them? I am having trouble finding anything on it from searching the Internet. Any information or opinions anyone has would be highly appreciated.


Scott Duncan