In QC for QTP test cases I am using a template (Test_Template) that is pointing to a .qfl file that sets up my QTP environment by including the .qfl resource on the resources tab under File-> Setting... and this all works fine. When I create a new test (NotePad_test) and associate Test_Template with it the new test has the correct resource associated with it that was in Test_Template. Now we have decided to change the location of the .qfl file so I changed the location in the template and I thought the change would populate to NotePad_test since I associated Test_Template to that test. It doesn't seem to change the resource in File->settings... to the new location, it has the original location.

One other question: How do I know if a test case has a template associated with it and how can I tell which template is associated with it?

I am new to this template stuff so forgive me if it's obvious.