My team has run into a limitation with the Excel addin for MQC. We would like to import a list of 300+ VAPI-XP test cases. Each one will use the exact same Javascript in order to utilize a bridge for our automation framework. Additionally, each test case will need to have three URL attachments assigned.

Currently, the Excel Addin has very limited support for VAPI-XP type uploads. By default, the Excel Addin puts a reference to a local file in the Test Script tab. The only way to remove this reference is to go into the Design Steps tab and then click the "Design Steps" button. Then we can overwrite the new text that is placed in the Test Script tab with our custom Javascript.

Another issue is that the Excel Addin doesn't allow us to add the URL attachments.

Basically, I need the Excel Addin tool to allow me to specify VAPI-XP, Javascript type, the Javascript code, and any URL attachments.

Has anyone run into similar problems? Are there any suggestions on how we can address these limitations?

I'd expect all 300+ tests cases will need to be reloaded 3-8 times per year (once per major or minor release) so a no hassle import is a must.