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    Multiple-select name field

    I have Quality Center 9.0. I know that in QC 9.0, you can specify a pick-list field as allowing multiple entries.

    What I'd like is to have a name field that allows multiple entries, so that a person can "register an interest" in a defect, and then be notified when the defect status changes (as the current assignee is notified).

    The only way I know to do this is to have something behind the scenes that queries the current user list for the project and builds a list in the tables to keep it current; but even then, once the status changed, there would have to be workflow code that stepped through all the values selected for the field and manually sending an e-mail to each user in the list.

    Is there a way I'm missing?


    -- MAG

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    Re: Multiple-select name field

    You're not missing anything. The user list field has so many limitations, and this is one of them. Your workaround approach is the only way I know of to do what you are wanting.
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