I recently applied patch 13 to QCD 9.0. After that patch when i am trying to create portlets from combined data source i am always getting No results found.

Few things i noticed after the patch :

1.)When using the combined data source in the preferences of the portlets one preference comes as Property:: Property name(multi select) and Property:: Property name(single select)for e.g Property::Severity(Multi select) but when i am use single data source it comes as Entity Name :: Property Name (multi select) for e.g Defects::Severity(multi select). Now what i have come to know is that this change has come because of defect fixed in patch 9 which was to resolve the issue of same property name in different entity.

2.)Now when i use combined source where property name does not exist in any other entity instead of getting the value of the property i am getting integer value which looks like id no to me.. like 0,1,2,3.. for e.g if i have property test_environment in defects with values oat,uat etc etc i am getting 0,1,2 on joinning two kpi's fetching different values based on same property.

Can anyone help me in this? As it has really ruined all of my work which i did before applying the patch.