I've recently upgraded to ver 9.2 and would like to start using the Release scheduling functionality. I entered a couple cycles, and was able to print a report fine before I had assigned any defects to cycles using the Document Generator.

Now I've assigned a few defects to cycles and need to print a report of all my project's defects whether they are assigned to a cycle or not. So I added the 'Target Cycle' column to my report, clicked on Full Document to get my report. It starts generating for a few seconds then all of sudden I get a pop up message that says:

"Error: Wrong number of arguements or invalid property assignment."

A word document then comes up but it only has 1 defect there and there should be about 50, so its not printing the whole thing.

If I then go to generate another report, I start getting all these QC generated access violations. If I kill my Word process, start over, take out Target Cycle, it works fine - so I know its only Target Cycle that's messing things up.

Any ideas while I'm waiting for my Mercury/HP registration to go through?