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    How can i change ReqID

    Hi All

    Today i have deleted 2 requirement accidently and have to create new but
    i want to change reqid which was in previous one how is it possible.
    i tried to run this command

    SET RQ_REQ_ID = 6
    where RQ_REQ_ID =786

    but it doesn't work, can anyone help me please


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    Re: How can i change ReqID

    Hi, I am facing the same problem. Would appreciate it if someone could help me on this.

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    Re: How can i change ReqID

    As far as from a QC DB standpoint is concernned i don't think this should be allowed. This field is automatically generated when a new id is created. And i do believe you can screw up the whole DB by changing this. As there can be links between a Req with Test/defect.

    One more thought (i don't remeber these facts exaclty), in a DB to delete a row in a table which is a Foriegn key in some other table you need to delete the record from table refering this key as foriegn key. So same should apply to a update also. I guess to update that Req ID you should first make sure that the Req ID that you want to change is not mapped to any test.

    All of the above is just a though without any validation from my side.

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    Re: How can i change ReqID

    True Tarun,

    ReqID is a QC system generated. That is why we dont allow the QCusers to hack stuff thru the backend(Site administrator) and only thru the GUI. If you do it thru the front, it will delete all the necessary records with it.

    Your best bet is to recreate the deleted requirements.

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    Re: How can i change ReqID

    Thank you for the info.



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