Hi Folks,

I use the RunTestSetScheduler and Windows Scheduler to execute my test sets every morning.

The email that gets sent just tells me if each test passed or failed. I want more detail than this in the email. I want to see the outcome for each test iteration (data driven approach - each row of the datatable represents an individual test case).

I maw even want to drill down further and include the text of each failure in the email.

The reason I want this is to get as quick a picture of the outcome of the test execution as I can when I get into work and read the email. Well, in fact I want the test team leader to get this picture too. I want to provide a meaningful picture for him with as little manual intervention as possible.

I've been tinkering with the QC OTA API and have managed to execute produce some code that executes tests but have not yet seen how to access the steps in the test results.

I got a pointer from Mercury that I need the Run method. I'm not sure if they meant the Run method or the Run object. I've been using the TSScheduler object to execute the tests and haven't worked out how the Run object or method is linked to the test results.

If anyone has done this before a helping hand would be really useful.

many thanks