Hi there,
I have written a program in VB6 to retrieve one or more incidents and then to alter the values of both fixed and custom fields. The problem I am having is changing the value of custom field which has a list attached to it, with valid values of "U", "T" or "D", as receiving following error:

Run-time error '-2147220198 (8004051a)':
You do not have the required permissions to execute this action

The code to alter the field value is something along the lines of:

m_objIncident.Field("BG_USER_05") = "U"

I am able to change values of other custom fields and have tried with admin user so this is not related to me not having enough rights. The strange thing is that if I try to change the custom field to a value not in the list then it correctly gives me an error stating so, however when trying to set it to a valid value it gives me the permissions error.

Best Regards