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    running all testscripts automatically through QC

    Hi there,

    I have a problem with running all my scripts in QC automatically.We have lot of projects and i need to run them automatically.
    I am following one procedure.I am setting the time dependency for the first test and i will click on run test set button.And it opens a window saying waiting until the time which i set up there.But i don't know how to automatically setup the run for all my scripts automatically so that i may not hit the run button everyday.

    Thanks a lot in advance for the answers.

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    Re: running all testscripts automatically through QC

    try searching the QC knowledge base on how to use the MS scheluder to schedule test set automatically. The application currently doesnt have the functionality you are looking for.

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    Re: running all testscripts automatically through


    Thanks for the answer.
    But is there anything that we have to update our version.
    Since we are using QC9.0 now .
    So do we have to update that to QC9.2?




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