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    How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?


    I've been using alex_qc to learn QC 9.0. As a part of the excise of running test automatically, I picked Number_Of_Passengers written in QuickTest to run automatically from QC 9.0.

    However, at some point, I wanted to change the data file for this script, but QC 9.0 keeps telling me this file is locked with an error like "This object is locked by another user" (by alex_qc?, I figured). I don't know how to unlock this script. Could someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you very much,


    PS: I tried to disconnect alex_qc (and everyone else if there was) in the site_manager before I did the above test. The other problem may not be just for me. Number_of_Passengers runs extremely slow, after clicking on "Run" button, it takes 2-3 minutes for the first pop-up window to show up asking to confirm a test case number, then it'll take about 10-15 minutes to complete the test if it doesn't encounter any error.

    I'm using QC 9.0 and QTP 9.2 (both are evaluation version). My desktop running XP SP2 and IE6.

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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?

    QC stored object locks in the 'LOCKS' table. If you have access to Site Admin, you can locate the entry in the locks table and delete it. Eventually, the lock will timeout.
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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?

    Thanks a lot. You're absolutely right. The locked object was freed up 2-3 days ago and now the LOCKS doesn't show any locked object.

    There is too much to learn in the Mercury tools and from experienced guys like you.

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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?

    That's interesting why this lock appears.
    I have the following situation today. The user AAA asked me that he cannot change the defect status. The message is "Object is locked by AAA". I've found that the AAA has connected twice to the one project (I don't know if this correct at all. Hypothetically, the QC must optimize the number of connections). I disconnected the AAA, both of his sessions. But the lock remained. So, I didn't understand the cause of this lock.
    To solve this problem I just cleared LOCKS table. But this is not solution if the problem will repeat in the future.

    Environment: QC9.0, Oracle, WebSphere, Windows 2000 Server
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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?

    I believe this is a record lock in the DB as opposed a connection to the web server which is what gets killed in Site Administrator

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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?

    Delete from locks where lk_user = 'username'

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    Re: How to unlock a locked object in QC 9.0?


    Check the last response date before posting. This post is about 3 years old.



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