i want to pull out all Business Component Tests from QC and show them in Excel with testname and full path shown in QC.

The result should look like this:

Subject\08 Workshop Demo\with Business Components\Test1

I got a list of all Business Component Tests. But i do not find out, how to get the path. I tried the "TS_SUBJECT" field, but this only gives me the last Folder, the Test lies in.

With .path i got the serverpath, where the Test lies physically.

How can i got the full path shown in QC?

Here is my code:

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Dim itemFilter As TDFilter
Dim testListe As List
Dim anzTests As Integer

Set tf = tdc.TestFactory
Set itemFilter = tf.Filter
Set tm = tdc.TreeManager

itemFilter.Filter("TS_TYPE") = "BUSINESS-PROCESS"

Set testListe = tf.NewList(itemFilter.Text)

anzTests = testListe.Count


For x = 1 To anzTests Step 1

ActiveSheet.lstAllTests.AddItem (testListe.Item(x).Field("TS_SUBJECT") &amp; "\" &amp; testListe.Item(x).Name)

Next x </pre><hr />

Stephan Rehmstedt