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    Planned Exec Date in \"Test Lab\"

    We have around 30,000 test cases in test lab.We need to fill in the "Planned Exec Date" field for each of the test case to know our Planned Vs Actual executed for a given day.
    Date may be same for some test cases in a test set or may be different.We have been doing like entering the date for each of the test cases manually under each test set.Is there a way to update the "Planned Exec Date" in a test set through backend?
    If so what access do i need and what would be the code for that?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Planned Exec Date in \"Test Lab\"

    You'd need to use the Open Test Architecture API, which is an object model that gives you access to all QC managed entities. It is documented in a CHM file that you can access through the HELP menu.

    But, in any case, you'll need some input to your script or program, as you explained that the planned exec date may be different for each test in a test set.



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