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    Data trasfer between servers.

    Hi All,
    Can anyone answer me, how can test cases be transferred from one project to another project on a different server using excel add in without using admin rights?

    Is it that test cases should be created in excel file and to upload it two different projects on different servers or could be directly done in QC using Excel add in?

    Plz elaborate [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Data trasfer between servers.

    You might want to check this one as well: http://onroad.juvander.fi/community/blog...s-Partners.aspx

    Excel option does not give you all the options.


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    Re: Data trasfer between servers.

    Thanks a lot Ilpo, for replying..
    Since we are facing performance issues on servers, can there be a solution without using utility?
    I mean the one which uses minimum of resources..

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    Re: Data trasfer between servers.

    How this works is that you select what you want to export and import back. Performance hit what this causes is exactly the same as one user looking at test cases and creating new ones.

    Excel option works same way using the API, but does not handle attachments, linked test cases and requirement - test case links nor it offers data manipulation option where you can specify regular expressions during export and/or import.


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    Re: Data trasfer between servers.

    Thanks a lot Ilpo!!



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