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    Creating New Project

    Hi ALL,

    I have to create a new project wherein the new client [new project] will post their bugs. Now i have already created user groups as Developers, Testers for a different project. Can i import the already created user groups [that of earlier project] for the new project?
    Also, i had customized Project Entities > Defect.
    Here i had created a new User Field - Module with property as Lookup List.
    Can i import this Module Lookup List in my new project?
    If this is possible it will save a lot of time.
    Any suggestion?


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    Re: Creating New Project

    When you create the new project, used the old project as a template/ This is done during the creation of the project if you select the option to use another project as a template. This is cover in the Admin Guide. Then you select the customization that you want to copy (user groups and so on)


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    Re: Creating New Project

    Thanks for the solution.




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