Hi All,

Am currently working on to create a graphical structure (or say picture view like a flow diagram) for representing requirements traceability. I should be able to represent a requirement and its associated tests in some form (not a 100 page html report which sucks !!!). I looked in to execution flow (in test lab module) and which is quite similar to what am looking for. But the bad part is i could not save the execution flow any where. There is no option to save it !!!

Everybody talks abt traceability in QC !! but if i need to present the traceability that exists in my project, how will i present it ?? should i show the test coverage in requirements module in QC (which really sucks bcos business ppl who dont know anything abt QC cannot understand wats goin on). So a flow diagram (similar to execution flow or as visio diagram will be helpful). Even if the tool itself does not provide this feature, there should be some workaround to get this. Let me know if any of you guyz have tried it and succedded. Thanks.