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    Oracle Tablespace Question


    When our DBA originally created tablespace for us, he alloacted 2 GB to start. However we have noticed that this space has been consumed at a rate much faster than we were anticipating. We presently only have FIVE QC projects created, three of which are copies of the QualityCenter_Demo project. The other two are brand new projects. We presently only have 441 MB free on out QC_Data tablespace, which means that these 5 projects have consumed 1.6 GB (an average of 311.8 MB)? This does not seem right. Why is this tablespace being eaten away so quickly? What can we do to prevent so much tablespace concumption? What is an ideal tablespace allocation for a 15 user license setup WITH test automation (QTP)?


    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Oracle Tablespace Question

    Hi Mark H,
    First of all if you export your projects/tests in a zip format (using the QTP export to zip) this will compress your data. However most of all your tablespace needs to be much larger than just 2gb! Your 2GB should be a minimum requirement. Depending on the size of the oracle partition obviously the tablespace will be limited. I suggest you work with your DBA to find out exactly how much tablespace he can give you. Otherwise you might be looking at a complete db server of your own, so tablespace issues will not be a problem.

    Hope this helps
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