Since there is no separate forum for Microsoft's Web Apllication Stress Tool(WAS) i am posting my query in this forum for loadtest.Kindly provide an answer to my following query ASAP.

After having recorded the script using WAS and playing back the script,I am not able to get any Report Statistics meaning, the report that is generated shows value 0(zero) for parameters such as No.of Hits, TTFB Avg. , TTLB Avg. ,parameters under Socket Statistics, Successful queries suggesting that the script has failed to replay .

If I am not wrong WAS does not support recording of sites on the internet.However in my case the site is on the local network without any Firewall implemented.The LAN settings had been changed to Localhost and port as 8000, as suggested in the documentation of the tool but to no avail.The browser is routed through the company proxy.Further the Webtool service was also configured, restarted as given in the document but it did not serve any purpose.So kindly let me know what next needs to be done to get things going.Thanks