I am evaluating LoadTest.
I have recorded a script and run it for 6 vusers .
i get failed transaction as 2 sometimes as 3 when i run scenarios.
my doubt
1) how to know what transactions fail
2) why i get transaction fail message when i do stress test , when i run
in debug mode it works fine
3) okay if transaction fail message is obtained now how to solve the problem
i get that message repeatedly when i repeatedly run the scenario

4) another doubt is i get some http 302 messages in the http messages display. in program i am not redirecting to other page then why http 302 message is displayed

5) LoadTest gives too many graphs after test is performed but to to interpet those
graphs any tutorial . i do not find much help in help of the product

6) "your browser does not support the script" message is displayed when i open the
browser by clicking the "show vuser" option . Other contents of the page is displayed but why do that message is displayed at top. When i change the default browser setting to use IE browser version 5.5
i get watson error when i run scenario

please help

with regards