I have no idea how to rectify this problem, and any suggestions would be appreciated.
I am testing a web product, that is hosted on a machine other than the one that I am using to test load. When I create my virtual users and run them in debug mode I have no problems at all, but when I plug them into the controller, and attempt to run the scenario, they do not even connect to the machine that I am using to host the web product. Also, when I check my host settings using the hostinfo.exe utility, RESOLVE LOCAL HOST NAME shows an error with the details of "Error: No DNS servers defined. Getting host information for host (my machine name) Using Windows Sockets Library Host name: (my machine again) No Aliases.

So, to sum it up, when I try and run my vusers in the controller, the first iteration fails with errors, and when I check my web server, there is no activity, meaning the users never even got to step 1 of the vuser script, which is loggin in.

Please feel free to write me personally if you have some suggestions to how to resolve, or to attempt to troubleshoot this problem.
I admit I am a novice at running the controller, but I've tried everything my manuals suggest and have been in contact with Mercury support (not impressed) for a week.

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