Hello people,

Got a question for you, have been search all around the forum but didn't look like I've found anything related to my question.

As you read from the title, I have created different VuGen scripts that uses a CSV file to compile the parameters present in the script.
If I want to change the CSV file, I have always to download the script from ALM, modify the CSV file with the new parameters, upload the script again.

As far as you all know, is there a possible way where I can setup the CSV file as "Attachment" to the ALM script and have the possibility just to change that CSV file without downloading (and re-uploading) all the time the entire script?
NOTE: These are VuGen -> LoadRunner scripts that are used for performance testing, I know that with UFT you should be able to define the dependencies, but I'm curious to know if it's possible to do this with a VuGen script.

Thank you all for the help and time