I want to update the automated parameter in ALM Repertoir TestLab -> Execution Grid -> Test Instances detail -> Execution settings -> Automated (here I have 3 parameter for 100 instances)
How can I update the automated parameter with OTA?, I succeeded to change the manuals parameter with this code
Please, Could you help me to change the automated parameter?

'================================================= =======
set tdc = createobject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
tdc.InitConnectionEx "http://s1xxxxx:8081/qcbin/"
tdc.Login "xx","xx"
tdc.Connect "xxy","rrt"

If tdc.Connected = True Then
Set objtestsetfact = tdc.TestSetFactory

Set TestSetFilter = objtestsetfact.Filter
TestSet = "RECT_Vehi_Flotte"
TestSetPath = "Root\RECETTE\Espace Flotte"
TestSetFilter.Filter("CY_CYCLE") = Chr(34) & TestSet & Chr(34)
TestSetFilter.Filter("CY_FOLDER_ID") = Chr(94) & TestSetPath & Chr(94)

Set testL = objtestsetfact.NewList(TestSetFilter.Text)

If testL.Count = 0 Then
Set GetTest = Nothing
Set GetTesting = testL.Item(1)

End If

Set tstfact = GetTesting.TSTestFactory
Set aList = tstfact.NewList("")
Set aTS = aList(1)

Set aParam = aTS

Set paramValueFct = aParam.ParameterValueFactory
Set lst = paramValueFct.NewList("")
Index = 1
For Each param In lst
With param
.ActualValue = .Name & Index
msgbox param.ActualValue 'Update the manuel parameter in Parameter Tab, I want to update the input parameter in the tab Automated As defined in UFT setting
Index = Index + 1
End With
Next 'param
================================================== ============================