Issue 1:
I created a Rich Text Template for use in Project Reports. I'm trying to set the font size (in the blank spaces) to Arial 10 but after I save and re-access the template I see that it reverts back to the initial Arial 8 size. How can I save the changes I made or change the overall font default for the template? I used spaces to try to preserve the size and it doesn't seem to keep the setting consistently.

Issue 2:
I inserted tables in the Rich Text Template. Sometimes the row height changes and when tabbing it does not consistently start at the same starting point compared to the previous cell (if the 1st cell is slightly indented then when tabbing to the next cell - there won't be any automatic indentition). Where can I set these?

Overall, I can't seem to find a style or design tool where I can set these.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.