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    Question Integrate Bamboo with ALM/UFT?

    We are using ALM 11.52 and UFT 11.5 (and newer) with UFT assets stored in ALM and running the UFT tests through ALM. We have been successfully using Jenkins to kick off these UFT tests stored in ALM.

    We are now being told that we will use Bamboo instead of Jenkins.

    Does anybody out there have experience integrating Bamboo with ALM and UFT? I found a company called agiletestware that offers a product called Bumblebee, but there are not many details available on what can actually be done with Bumblebee.

    Any pointers or real world experience info would be appreciated.
    Trudy C
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    We´re going to head in the same direction, so did anybody made some steps towards Bamboo and UFT integration (maybe without ALM)? We want to control the testcases in JIRA which should trigger the automated testcases in UFT, Bamboo is just the vehicle to do the communication between both as it seems there is no direct option to do that, isn´t it?


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    Lightbulb Try ALM TAsk for Bamboo plugin

    Its available on atlassian market.



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