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    HP ALM 11.52/Patch2: Installing Patch 4


    We plan to upgrade our HP ALM 11.52 system from patch 2 to patch 4. Before that we try to check if there are any known problems or limitations with patch 4.
    But there is nothing to find in the known communities expect a problem between QC, jenkins and UFT.

    So here my request to you all. If you know something about problems with Patch 4 please give us a hint.

    Have a nice day,

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    We have been running Patch 4 for a couple months... no major issues found.

    Patch 4 does implement some fixes needed if you are upgrading from QC10... hopefully you waited
    1. Automail does not always work. Your logs will say they could not find the email address. Sometimes email worked, sometimes it did not. HP did have a hotfix for this prior to Patch 4, but as of Patch 4 it is fixed.

    2. Data corruption during Migration of the Favorites - Sort. All of your Favorites will be sorted incorrectly after Migration. In QC10 Favorites were stored in the COMMON_SETTINGS table, but in QC 11.5x they are now stored in the FAVORITES table. During the migration if the Favorite had a Sort it would no longer be sorted by your desired order, but instead by the alphabetical order of the field names in the sort. For example if your Favorite had a sort by (BG_USER_03, BG_USER_01, BG_USER_02) it would be migrated and sorted by (BG_USER_01, BG_USER_02, BG_USER_03). You have no way of knowing was it was previously (outside of a backup). This is fixed in Patch 4.

    Here are a couple other issues we discovered, reported, and got KB's created for... but I thought worth mentioning here.
    1. URL data is invalid message. If you created a project using the API (ex. CreateProjectCopy) and you had spaces, hypens, etc in the project name... the project get's create fine... and worked find in QC10... however now in QC 11.5x you will get the error "URL data is invalid". The fix is to manually rename the project in Site Administrator (which does parse your input and prevents these characters... whereas the API does not parse/validate your input). Not sure if they fixed this in Patch 4... but worth noting.

    2. CTXAPP Role not granted. This message occurs during a project migration from QC10 to QC 11.5x. If you are using Oracle and installed the CTXAPP package so you can use the advanced searching in QC... you might get this error. Actually the problem is the QC user for the project has the CTXAPP role granted more than once. Your Oracle DBA can confirm this. There is probably a grant for the userid as well as one for PUBLIC. Simply remove the PUBLIC one and it fixes the issue.

    3. Failed to Post DESSTEPS. This message occurs in QC 11.52 using Oracle and the CTXAPP package. This is caused because of a
    bug in Oracle that prevents schemas from being longer than 29 characters. QC users schemas up to 30 characters (Domain Name + Project Name + DB). Schemas sizes in Oracle are allowed to be up to 30 characters, but the bug introduced limits them to 29 characters. Oracle has a patch to fix this: Patch 11822454: DRG-10607 "INDEX META DATA IS NOT READY YET FOR QUEUING DML" SINCE UPGR

    We are desperately awaiting Patch 5 for the last 8 months. This patch is supposed to fix the Copy/Paste performance issue we discovered. If you have large Test Sets and try to Copy/Paste them your system will hang... yes the entire system will hang. The temporary fix is to put a couple parameters in Site Admin to configure a FUSE that essentially tells HP ALM to prevent any task it 'thinks' will take to long from even trying... so users just get a dialog saying it can't do it.



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