I'm trying a simple script in VBScript as a VAPI-XP test in ALM (11.00 Patch level 01).

I just want to be able to access the parameters defined on the test tab of this test, so code goes like:

Set paramValueFct = ThisTest.ParameterValueFactory
Set lst = paramValueFct.NewList("")

For Each param In lst
  With param
     TDOutput.Print("Name: " & .Name & ", Value: " & .DefaultValue)
   End With
When executed I keep getting the same error when trying to create the list (.NewList("")):

-2147220502 "Failed to Get Simple Key Entity"

I have added the reference to TDAPIOLELib, I can see in there the object ParameterValueFactory and its method NewList. I have tried to make the script Option Explicit and have tried with ThisTest and CurrentTSTest, only ThisTest returns values. Still when I get to the part of the .NewList I keep getting the same error. I have tried to add a filter on the NewList and it doesn't make a difference either.

Any ideas? what am I doing wrong?