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    How to stop restarting QTP(11.0) when running tests from ALM(11.5)


    I opened ALM (11.5) and QTP (11.0) and both are integrated.
    When i was running tests from ALM, few QTP tests are loaded in the existing QTP application (like when we want to open tests from QTP).
    Sometimes, QTP is restarted (closing QTP and opening again).

    This behavior is not consistent and is not specific to any test.

    What I need is, QTP should not restart, instead existing QTP should load the test.

    Please let me know the solution or work around for this.


    Notation: Opinions stated above are of my own.

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    On the system where QTP is running look at the settings for the QTP Remote Agent. If you don't find it already running in the System Tray you can find it from Start > All Programs > HP QuickTest Professional > Tools > Remote Agent.

    Check the settings for the options:
    - Keep QuickTest open after a Test Lab run session ends
    - Timeout Recovery > Restart testing tool after:
    - Cleanup > Restart testing tool after:

    Any of these options could be affecting a restart of QTP.
    Trudy C
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