Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's our situation. Version Control is currently NOT enabled:

1. Management requires Manual and Automated QA to create a seperate QC project for EVERY IT project we are involved in. Apparently this is due to reporting.

2. Because of 1, Automation (and Manual) regression is pretty fragmented across multiple projects. When regressions are asked for, it takes far too long to set up a regression.

3. From Automation's standpoint, if I were to make any code updates during a regression, I would essentially have to make them back in the Originating project as well. Even with that being the case, with so many projects, those updates could be pretty beneficial in other projects.

Outside of using some sort of a shared disk drive (our Hardware team seems to frown on the idea of us storing Function Libs and Object Repositories outside of Quality Center), is there a reliable way to point scripts in one Quality Center project to Test Resources in another?

If not, what suggestions would you have. I'm all ears, as I see us wasting a lot of missed opportunities to run Automation, and wasted Maintenance time with our current setup.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!