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    Lightbulb Global Data insert Manual Run


    i have a very strange problem, to the facts:

    Manual Test, Multiple Rolls, Multiple Testsets, Multiple Testers

    In the first Testset, the User must create an Task, this Task has a Number and this Number iss the Startparameter for all the other Testsets.

    Now the Problem an the Question:

    what can i do, why can i do, that i'am create an global Parameter(or other, Excelllist, etc) in the first Testrun and give over(inheritance?) all other following Testruns this Parameter?

    sorry for my bad english

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    Manual Run is a bad beast ...

    Well, this is one of the main task in Quality Center Administration Management and Customization. You can define global variable to pass data from a module to another except for the Manual Runner Module. So how can you accomplish this?

    You have to use some other structure instead of a global variable. You have to store what you need in others place. For example you can use temporary files or, better for me, you can use the COMMON_SETTINGS table. How to use this?

    Please see my article in How to use COMMON SETTINGS Table - Welcome to motu4qc-en!

    Let me now if you'd need more details.




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