hi, my current client is looking at doing requirements management through QC, which is great, with the inate functions, BUT we are lacking some functionalities (especially that we want to use the requirements not in the ordinary way), such as:

1. Status Roll-up:

We're using a PARENT Folder -> Functional requirements children, with an UDF "Status" to determine the state of a funct req. Now, we would like to get an automatic roll up to the parent folder, (e.g.: when all children requirements are in status = completed/signed off/waivered or n/a to reflect in the parent folder STATUS as COMPLETED)

2. Lock folder and children for editing once status = COMPLETED

Once the parent folder status = COMPLETED (either manual or automatic change), then i would like to lock said folder and its children from editing, with an error message pop-up for when users try to modify it. Also, only a specific group of users would be able to change this freely.

3. Automails.

At the moment, only alert rules are available. I'd like to know how to trigger mails on Requirements to UDF fields (user lists), for changes in other UDFs (i.e. Status).

Please let me know soonest.

Kind regards,