Hi All,

I am generating an excel report where it shows the Child requirements traced to Parent requirements. below is the query i used generate for one of module:

select a.RQ_REQ_NAME "Child Requirement", b.RQ_REQ_NAME "Parent Requirement" from REQ a inner join REQ_TRACE on a.RQ_REQ_ID = RT_TO_REQ_ID inner join REQ b on RT_FROM_REQ_ID = b.RQ_REQ_ID where a.RQ_FATHER_ID in ('002','003','004','005','006','007') and a.RQ_TYPE_ID = 3

Where the Father ID are the folder Id which contains the requirements in the folder structure. This query works absolutely fine. I have shown below sample trace report for the references.

Now the problem is the Folder structure is getting changed, for e.g. The above 6 Folder(Father ID) i.e. 002,003 etc.. are further drilled down and would be around 500 folders and Sub-folders under which the requirements will stored.

Retrieving the requirement tracing using the Static Folder ID(Father Id) wont help for huge numbers. Can any one guide to solve this issue, How can i retrieve the tracing report in this scenario.

Child Requirement Parent Requirement
R2178 L1.04,L1.18
R2179 L1.12
R2180 L1.06
R2181 L1.01,L1.06
R2182 L1.01,L1.06,L1.18