I need to write a workflow where I create a smaller list from a big master list.
I have a Project List “ListA” that may have about 100 items and I only want to display a few items for field “TS_USER_02” that starts with string “Test_B” when Value for the field “TS_USER_01” = “Test_B”.
I know that I can create a separate “ListB” at the Project List and assign this list to the field “TS_USER_02”, but I don’t want to create so many Project Lists and if a new item would need to be added to the master List I also would need to update all child lists as well. That is why I need to write a workflow to create a new list for “TS_USER_02” base on my selection in the field “TS_USER_01”.
We are using QC 11.

Thank you for your help!