Problem#1)Can my keyword driven framework scripts written in HP QTP 11.0 be uploaded to HP QC 11.0 (ALM)? I have my keyword functions defined in QTP Function library file, I use those keywords in excel sheet to perform input, click, check functions in the application under test.

Please refer the attached excel for the keyword driven framework test cases, test steps & test data.In Test_Cases worksheet, we mark Y or N for each test case. Based on Y or N, the corresponding test steps in Test_Steps worksheet gets executed one by one. The Test_Data worksheet holds the test data.

Problem#2)In Test_Cases worksheet in the excel attached, if I have TC001 & TC002 marked as Y and TC003 marked as N and then execute the QTP script from QC, is there a way QC will tell me TC003 was not executed and only TC001 & TC002 were executed?