Hi all!

I'm trying to create a QC workflow script which should create new releases and cycles.
This seems not to work.
All I can add in the Management section are ReleaseFolders.
When I try to add new Releases on an existing ReleaseFolder or new Cycles on an existing Release there is no error displayed - but the items are not added.

Here is an example script from QC help:
Set oReleaseFolderFactory = tdc.ReleaseFolderFactory
Set rootReleaseFolder = oReleaseFolderFactory.Root
Set oReleaseFolderFactory = rootReleaseFolder.ReleaseFolderFactory
Set relFolder = oReleaseFolderFactory.AddItem(Null)
relFolder.Name = "Release Folder 1"

' Create a release with a due
' date 90 days from now.
Set relFac = relFolder.ReleaseFactory
Set rel = relFac.AddItem(Null)
rel.Name = "Release 1"
rel.StartDate = DateTime.Now
rel.EndDate = DateTime.Now + 90

This does add the ReleaseFolder "Release Folder 1" - but not the release "Release 1".

Does anybody know what's wrong with this code snippet?

Thanks in advance!