I know that HP calls this operation "export test case into HP ALM", but for clarity, I am calling this "import test case".

I am able to import VAPI-XP-TEST cases using the Excel Add-in on HP ALM 11, but without being able to also import the script, it is less useful than I wanted it to be. Is there any way to at least write the test script filename into the test case if it is stored locally? None of the mapping parameters look like test script filename values.

I notice that after I import a VAPI-XP-TEST, the Test Script tab content in the Test Plan says: Script file: "C:\USERS\CHOLMAN\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\TD_80\10\3260 184E\TEST\1\1\1\" not found. If there is no way to set this value during the import, is there a database column that I can update?

Your advice is appreciated.