Looking to see if anyone has tried to use the new Functional Test Set type with the ALM Lab Extensions to run a VAPI test. According to documentation it is supported, and it does allow me to add that test type to the test set, however when I try and run it via the ALM Lab Service Agent I'm getting an error that it cannot reserve the testing tool.

As an experiment I decided to try the same with a System Test, which I'd never used before, and got approx. the same error. Now the System Test has it's own agent install, and once I put that on the host machine, I was able to run it fine.
I've also run QTP tests, and QTP has it's own agent that gets turned on via the Tools->Settings menu (something like Allow other HP Tools to run QTP tests), plus there is a patch on the support site for the QTP type of test.

So, going by the error, it sounds like it's expecting there to be some sort of Agent (or tool) to run the VAPI, on top of the Lab Service, but I do not see any such thing on either the Add-ins page, or the support site or patches area.

Interestingly, if I am on the client itself, and add the VAPI to the old Default test set type, and run it via the Automatic Runner, it runs fine. So it seems like the ALM Lab service simply passes the request to the proper agent (QTP or System Test), but like I mentioned, I don't see a VAPI agent.