Does anyone have any exp of this. For me the below code should work however I am getting Invoke of: NewList
Description: Failed to Get Test Value

when I try to call the correct way i.e using

Dispatch ListOfFSteps =, "NewList", "").toDispatch(); I get A COM exception has been encountered:
At Invoke of: NewList
Description: 80020005 / Type mismatch.

Does anyone else have exp of this library?

Dispatch filterObj = Dispatch.get(testFactory, "Filter").toDispatch();
Dispatch.put(filterObj, "Text", "TS_RESPONSIBLE=XXX");

Variant paramVal2 = new Variant();
Variant paramVal1 = new Variant();
Variant v = Dispatch.invoke(filterObj,
new Object[] {(String) "TS_RESPONSIBLE", (String ) "XXX"},
new int[1]);
Dispatch listOfFSteps =, "NewList", "TS_RESPONSIBLE=XXX").toDispatch();