Hy All ,
Someone could help me to Fix this annoying bug :

I have written a test set VAPIXP in VBS , and when I try to launch one or the whole VAPIXP test case , the Automatic Runner Windows Freeze and I only have the ultimate solution : Kill The "Test Run Schedduler" Process that allow me to close the "automatic Runner" Window , close HPLM , and try to launch the test set again ... Sometime it start at the first click on "Run" Button , and sometime I can't start the test set during 45 mn to 1h ... Trying to refresh the test lab display have no effect, delete all the IE Cache : no effect , Cleanup the Java Cache : The same ...

Computer running Test Run Scheduler to launch the test case :
IE9 / JAVA 7 Updt 9 / Mercury Q.C. System Test Agent 9.01.007

Target Computer ( while I Don't Think It is the cause of those Freezing cose this is the same on other Computer ) :
Mercury Q.C. System Test Agent 9.01.007 / IE9 .

Thx for All kind of Informations . Best Regards , Laurent .