hi all,

Here's an odd one discovered by one of my colleagues:

we currently have an issue with the versioning of HP ALM and some of our client-side test tools and hope that someone of you has already faced and solved the same:

- versioning in HP ALM (v.11) is switched on
- we use Win7, 64 bit desktops
- restricted rights to edit Windows registry
- “run as administrator” does not bring a change in the behaviour
- Real local Windows administrator currently even cannot work with HP Service Test, so we did not try that

1. HP Service Test
o opening a script with HP Service Test via HP ALM connection says “do you want to check out?”
o after “Yes”, the script is marked “checked out” in HP ALM, but is read-only in HP Service Test
o being read-only in HP Service Test, we cannot save it back to HP ALM

2. Virtual User Generator
o Opening a script with VUGen via HP ALM connection says “script is opened read-only. If you want to edit, use check out”
o Checking out the script results in script being checked out in HP ALM, but being still read-only in VUGen
o Therefore, the script cannot be edited or saved back to HP ALM
3. Quick Test Pro
o All fine here and that is the strangest thing of all

Since the HP Support has not been helpful at all we deeply welcome any hints regarding what might be the problem with HP ALM or (probably!) our work stations.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.