We are migrating from on QC setup to another QC setup. We donít have access to old QC repository system. Through OTA , we have downloaded 1500 test cases which are already QTP automated and uploaded them to new QC as " Manual " test cases. Now we need to change the test case type to "QT QTP P" and then copy some common lines of code to each script. For the later part we have a script to do it. But for the first one - to change the test case type, we are in need of some sort solution.
Below code converts the type in the Database (QC front end shows the change), but it is not creating the required script file in the file system (I am guessing), as I could not open this test case in QTP ( error message: Test [ÖÖ] does not exist .

Dim objTest As Test
Dim objTestFact As TestFactory
Set objTestFact = tdc.TestFactory
Set objTest = objTestFact.Item(18316)
objTest.Field("TS_TYPE") = "QUICKTEST_TEST" 'The value is "MANUAL" for test script of type manual