We are upgrading about 30 QC 9.2 projects to QC 11. And as a last step, we are converting Oracle to SQL DB. We have successfully upgraded all but a couple of projects. Now, we have this monster 9.2 project to upgrade and convert.

It is:
60GB in size size (40+ GB is repositories)

All of steps went well until the last step and that is copying the upgraded project running on Oracle to a new project on SQL in Site Admin. Here is the problem. The Site Admin parameter, WAIT_BEFORE_DISCONNECT is set to 600 min (10 hours) by default. The cloning takes well over 10 hours and the Site Admin session disconnects after 10 hours. Setting the parameter to "-1" or "600000" seems to disconnect Site Admin after 10 hours regardless.

Here are the questions:

1) Is "WAIT_BEFORE_DISCONNECT" only applicable to QC client, but not Site admin client?
2) When the session is disconnected and I log back in and click the unfinished project. It says it's in use and I cannot do anything with it. Is it really doing something? My guess is no because no updates to the file repository or database is made after the disconnect.
3) Is there any way to keep Site Admin session alive indefinitely?

We've spent last several weeks upgrading all of our 9.2 projects to 11 and this is the big kahuna that remains.

Any tips/help is appreciated.