First Post - and a testing rookie at that.

My question for the forum: What is the best way to manage/organize deferred items in HPALM please?

Coming to the end of the project (which I took over in the middle) and working on cleaning up the whole thing.

I've organized the requirements and test plan properly but the releases aren't perfect and the test lab is a little messy. I have about 90% traceability and am working on the rest.

Problem is this - there is a lot of deferred items from defects to test cases to requirements. The person before me set up a test lab folder for deferred items and just dumped N/A-Deferred test cases in there.

My thoughts are to have defects as deferred, leave the test plan organized as is, leave the requirements organized as is and ensure traceability. The goal being that there would be a deferred defect for every deferred requirement/use case and it would be traced throughout ALM.

Any help would be appreciated, best practices perhaps?