I have a question regarding the step status during the execution time.

I have a test case with several steps. (No Run)
Steps can be executed either by pressing the buttons "Pass Selected", "Failed Selected" or direcly on the step.
If I press "Pass Selected" or "Failed Selected" buttons the step will be posted to the db and the user sees the real value on the IExplorer.
But when I change it directly on the step it will not post to the db.
This behaviour is understandable.

So I want to post and refresh the entered step status if I am using the directly methode.
I am using the following code :

Function Step_FieldCanChange(FieldName, NewValue)
On Error Resume Next

if FieldName = "ST_STATUS" then
set objRun=TDConnection.RunFactory.Item(Run_Fields.Fie ld("RN_RUN_ID").Value)
Dim lstSteps
'get steps for the run
Set lstSteps = objRun.StepFactory.NewList("")
for each objStep in lstSteps
end if
Step_FieldCanChange = DefaultRes
On Error GoTo 0
End Function

The status will not be updatd after input.
Can you please help with this issue ?
Thank very much.