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    ALM QC11 Library feature

    Can anyone here tell me anything about the new Library feature in ALM QC11?

    Here is what I do know:

    "You can use the Library feature of ALM to create baselines of test cases. A library can be defined for a Test Case folder(s) and then periodic baselines created. Which is essentially creates a backup of the test cases. If needed a past baseline can be imported back into a project under a different folder (restore)."

    I guess I would like to know:

    1. Where in ALM QC11 is it located?
    2. How to set it up?
    3. Has anyone used it?
    4. Where is it documented?


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    Re: ALM QC11 Library feature

    1. I created a new library and assigned many things to it.
    2. I then created a baseline for it.
    3. I deleted a test case in the Test Plan area.
    4. I created a new Library and imported the first library into the second library.
    5. In both libraries I see that same test case as being deleted.

    Per what it states in the previous thread is that if a test case or anything is deleted after it was added to a library and baselined, then that data should be able to be recovered into another library by either doing an import or by reverting back to the previous baseline. It should take a snapshot and in theory this should work, but so far I have been unable to make it work and recover anything that I had deleted.

    Any comments...anyone?




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