Hello All,

I am trying to do analysis of Requirements in current Project of ours and came across following Queries. I would need suggestions on same.

1 - I have set of Requirements
Main Requirement eg: Req 1.0 in which I have sub requirements Req 1.1,Req 1.2,Req 1.3 and Req 1.4

I have 4 Test cases mapped to Req 1.1 to 1.4 .How do we decide in QC that req 1.0 covers status of sub Requirements and displays the Result. Can same be done with APIs?

2 - How is Requirements Traceability useful in above case?

3 - When do we use Group requirement type for Requirements?

4 - If my Requirements are same across all the Releases and Cycles, how can we get the Reports when Release and Cycle details are not provided.

5 - When can we actually Use RBQM fields in Requirements?

6 - In Req Table in QC Database the Field name rq_req_type is blank does not display the Requirement type even though we specify the Requirement Type while uploading the Requirements?

7 - Please brief if any one has explicitly used Requirements Traceability anytime.

Details on Above listed points would be of great help.
Thanx in Advance