Hi Friends,

I have a report for the latest status of the scripts executed from Test lab ( HPQC 9.2).
Query is :
select substring(folder_path, charindex('ABC', folder_path), len(folder_path)) + '\\' + Scenario_Name as 'Folder_Path',
TEST_SET as Test_Set_Name,test_id as 'Test_Script_ID', Test_Name,TestScriptDescription,TestScriptApproval Status,Team, Executor,APPROVAL_STATUS , Run_Status,
Run_Date, Run_Name

from v_link_test_execution_latest_run
where folder_path like '%ABC%' and
scenario_name is not null and test_id is not null and Approval_Status <> 'Cancelled' and TestScriptApprovalStatus<>'Obsolete'
order by folder_path
But i need to append this report with the defects linked to these failed test cases.
Can anyone help me on this please ...